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Sustainable Life / Development


Helping local communities to manage and reduce social, environmental and economic risk factors is an essential part of promoting a sustainable, dignified way of life.


Oikos’ intervention is aimed at helping local communities to manage and reduce these risk factors in four essential stages for a process of sustainable development:

Availability – to create the necessary procedures so that the people benefitting can obtain sufficient goods and resources in their communities to enable them to satisfy their basic needs permanently and in a sustainable fashion;

Accessibility – to ensure that the necessary procedures are in place so that the people benefitting have equal access to the goods and resources available in their communities;

Use – to encourage the necessary procedures whereby the people benefitting use the goods and resources available in their communities safely, effectively and efficiently;

Empowerment – to implement qualification and organisation procedures that will allow people benefitting to practise leadership in their own development process and in the exercising of their rights.


By taking an approach based on economic, environmental, social and cultural rights, we encourage sustainable life; in other words, social, economic, cultural and gender equity, as fundamental conditions for the assertion of the rights of people and communities living in poverty and vulnerability.

To a large degree, Oikos’ role in sustainable life projects is to facilitate social transformation processes, acting jointly with the various players involved (base organisations, partner NGOs and the public and private sectors), that make it possible to empower local individuals and organisations so that they can be leaders in their own development process.


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We work with communities in poorer countries and regions, promoting public health, food, water, sanitation and education.

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