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Report on Humanitarian Action

Humanitarian Action


The two fundamental pillars of humanitarian action are aid and protection.

Generally speaking, any humanitarian action seeks to assist and protect those who are most vulnerable in the face of a real or potential emergency.

Oikos’ preferred response where humanitarian action is concerned, is to focus primarily on communities in the regions and countries where we have already worked, allowing us to use the knowledge already acquired and shared to achieve a faster diagnosis, greater efficiency in our response and a more consistent impact from our intervention.


The three stages of our humanitarian response:

Stage 1 - Emergency – Priority is given to: supplying drinking water, shelter, food, toiletries and healthcare items.

Stage 2 - Rehabilitation – The goal is to help disaster victims restore their basic means of subsistence and rebuild the basic infrastructure of their society (health centres, schools, etc.)

Stage 3 – Disaster Prevention and Preparedness – Helping local communities to develop risk prevention and management strategies, thus attenuating future impacts.

Since 2005, we have been strengthening our emergency response capacity in terms of qualification and continued improvement.

This option is substantiated by the growing phenomenon of climate change and by the number of natural disasters and the devastation they have been causing. And the trend is expected to intensify over the coming years. From the point of view of sustainable development, it is fundamental to see humanitarian action as the beginning of a continuum or as a process of conserving or restoring the most vulnerable people’s means of subsistence in the shortest possible time.

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