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Global Citizenship

Poverty and inequality are sufficient reasons for everyone to get involved. Exercising active citizenship means gearing the individual and collective effort towards a transformed social order whereby poverty, exclusion and inequality can be eliminated.


We would thus share José Bernardo Toro’s vision as “a person capable of cooperating with others to create and transform the social order which he or she wants to be part of, fulfill and protect for the dignity of all”.


Today we are facing a new kind of citizenship, one which could be described as “the exercise of powers and responsabilities by citizens in the arena of public policy in the context of government”. Citizenship is now marked by the “citizens’ capacity to organise themselves in multiple ways to mobilize resources and exercise powers to protect their rights, with the aim of caring for and developing public assets”.


In this context, and in coherence with the mission of eradicating poverty and reducing economic asymmetries and inequality in knowledge by involving the social players and making them jointly responsible, Oikos is employing three main strategies to develop a level of “mobilization for social citizenship” in its intervention continuum:


    » The Common Good
    » Education for Global Citizenship
    » Public Influence


We hope that this will enable the actions we are undertaking in developing countries to achieve an additional impact, specifically in terms of:

   » Working towards the common good in networks and partnerships – partnerships for the Common Good;
   » Awareness campaigns and scheduling of public opinion – Education for Global Citizenship;
   » Public Policies – Public Influence.


Take a look, too, at:

» Educational Resources
» Oikos in Schools
» NedOikos – Teacher Nuclei
» MDG Kits



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We work with communities in poorer countries and regions, promoting public health, food, water, sanitation and education.

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