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Project in Gulf of Fonseca



Nº of beneficiaries: 2.160 people e 150 NGO

Starting date: Feb.2011

Ending date: Feb.2015


Fortalecimento das capacidades locais para adaptação às alterações climáticas no Golfo de Fonseca

This regional project in the Gulf of Fonseca encompasses three Central American countries, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. It seeks to find out more about their vulnerability and the potential impact of climate change and to develop local capacities to adapt to this reality.


The primary goal is to help reduce the risk of disasters in the area by strengthening local capacity to adapt to climate change and mitigate CO2 emissions in the Gulf of Fonseca.


The project will provide support for Gulf of Fonseca authorities in terms of the sustainable management of natural resources, from a multidimensional and systemic point of view, and to strengthen their capacity to develop initiatives allowing them to adapt to variations in climate and reduce the risk of disasters.


Based on scientific and economic estimates of the region's vulnerability, a new approach is being proposed which supports the design and implementation of action plans, appropriate decision-making and the establishment of priorities in terms of adapted responses to the effects of climate change, especially in the more at-risk communities.


The implementation of action plans will be encouraged by means of participative processes that include dialogue with public authorities, and players in civilian society and the region's business fabric.


Know the context of the Project

Climate Change - The context in Central America


The project encompasses 300 government workers with a wide variety of functions; 60 company representatives; 150 associations, networks and cooperatives; and 1,800 people involved in pilot projects.

Co-financed by the European Commission, it is being undertaken in partnership with the CIDEA-UCA Centro de Investigação de Ecossistemas Aquáticos da Universidade Centroamericana (Aquatic Ecosystem Research Centre at the Central American University – consortium leader); ADEPES – the Pespire Development Association; Funsalprodese – the El Salvadoran Foundation for the Promotion of Social and Economic Development; GVC – Civilian Society Volunteer Group; NITLAPAN - Instituto de Investigación Aplicada y Promoción del Desarollo Local; and ICADE – Cooperation and Self-development Institute.


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