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Starting date: Mar.2014

Ending date: Feb.2017


Central American HIV-positive women promoting peace and a life without violence

The main goal of this project is to contribute to the reduction of violence against women living with HIV/AIDS, so that the situation that causes "gender violence" towards them are recognized and included into concrete actions for prevention. Tackling violence against women living with HIV without taking into account the broader context in which this violence occurs won't bring results. It is essential that the work to eliminate violence against women with HIV is bound to the work to build and strengthen communities based on the local and cultural reality, especially in the case of the Garifuna population, present in Honduras.


Violence against women with HIV is part of a system that has violence in its centre and this requires broader responses. Recognizing that the vicious circle "stigma-discrimination-gender violence-violation of Human Rights (HR)" exists, is not enough to break it. With this recognition, the project focuses on changing attitudes and behaviours regarding community through awareness-rising on masculinity and gender equity, working with the families of HIV-positive women and the population of their communities, especially young people, through alternative communication activities.


So, processes of individual empowerment and internal collective of HIV-positive women in favour of political dialogue and the prevention of violence in the community and society to build a more "healthy community" will be promoted. It is hoped that in this way, women members and the International Community of Women with HIV (CIM) are more aware and strengthened, along with the intermediate actors of civil society, by conducting activities among different institutions, between feminist organizations and women with HIV organizations.


Finally, actions to raise awareness among judges and prosecutors regarding the gender violence and HIV positive women issue will be performed for those actors to be more aware and prepared for this kind of reality, given a higher incidence of this issue in the justice system.


With co-funding from the European Commission, the project is conducted in partnership with Fundación Llanto, y value Esfuerzo (LLASVE) and will be held in Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua in the "Atlantic Corridor Central America": Honduras, department of Cortes, Atlantida and Colon, the municipalities of Puerto Cortés, Omoa, San Pedro Sula, Pimienta, Potrerillos, Brotherhood, Tela, La Ceiba, Trujillo, Puerto Castilla, Tocoa, Saba; Guatemalan department of Izabal, Livingston counties and Puerto Barrios; and Nicaragua, Department of RAAS, municipality of Laguna de Perlas and Bluefields.


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