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Not only does involvement in the projects and programmes put forward by Oikos in a context of Education for Global Citizenship ensure students learn more effectively but also undoubtedly awakens an increased interest in understanding other peoples and cultures, making youngsters more aware of the need to be cooperative and charitable towards the most underprivileged populations.

This means that contact with other cultures along with knowledge about, and respect for, others have been strongly focused-upon aspects throughout the work undertaken for the Education for Global Citizenship project.


Contributing to development means, above all, helping to find a critical and, consequently, informed conscience that feels motivated and able to act. And that’s what Oikos has been doing since the late 1980s right through to the present day.


Our major goal is to reach an interested public who are currently at the learning stage and who will, in the future, be faced with decision-making. This is the major task in Education for Global Citizenship, and schools are the ideal seeding ground. It’s becoming increasingly necessary to undertake actions that will help schoolchildren gain a better knowledge of the world today, not only as it relates to our own day-to-day reality but also to the lives of other peoples and cultures, different from our own, but affected by same problems, because, in fact, we increasingly live in a global world.


Thus, Oikos works daily to provide this experience and first-hand discovery of cooperation and mutual aid. We have over 20 years of experience in promoting and organising Education for Global Citizenship projects and programmes, where we put into practice the maxim “Education and Training by Example”.



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