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Supporting a cause, and donating your time or services needn’t be a complicated business. The main ingredients are goodwill, dedication, availability and commitment.
What does it mean to be an Oikos volunteer?

"Being a Volunteer

is Bringing Good Cheer"

Being an Oikos volunteer means making a firm commitment to the organisation and devoting part of your time to collaborating disinterestedly in the flight against poverty and social injustice.

We’re looking for people who are motivated by a sense of charity and who have a contribution to make that will improve Oikos’ work, people who will get involved in the organisation’s various activities.


To this end, we further enhance our volunteers’ personal capacities, in line with their training and professional experience, through a continuous learning process that lets everyone apply their best knowledge and skills to the activities in which they collaborate.


Oikos volunteers work the length and breadth of the country. For international projects, we give preference to volunteers who live in, or come from, the areas covered by our projects as a way of making the best possible use of resources.


Oikos gives all volunteers a certificate showing the number of hours and the nature of the voluntary work done.


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