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María Felipe Morales, a beneficiary of a food security project

Wednesday, 23 May 2012 11:55
In addition to improving the nutrition of her family, the kitchen gardens have increased her income. Maria lives in the community of Tacaná, municipality of San Idelfonso Ixtahuacán, district of Huehuetenango. She was one of the beneficiaries of this project of Food Security, implemented in Guatemala.

By getting involved in the proposed activities, many changes could be felt in Maria´s daily life. In an area characterized by highly vulnerable soils, with very steep slopes and low fertility, Maria learned how to produce organic fertilizer from earthworm, which has enabled her to significantly increase the production of vegetables in her backyard.


The kicthen garden she created produces onions, coriander, turnips, cabbage, beet, carrot, radish, spinach, among others. There is also production of some fruit trees including peach, that have allowed to improve the diet of her family, and some surplus that were intended for sale.


Mary has implemented an irrigation system using a water tank, to catch rain water, and a filter for treating wastewater which maintains the humidity level required for production of some vegetables. In addition, she received an improved stove, and know she can cook in a smoke-free environment, saving fuel.


With all these initiatives, Maria and her family have more financial independence and quality of life: a diverse diet, which improved the nutrition of her children; the sale of surplus production, that allow her to buy new seeds; the small irrigation system, which maintain the moisture required for the production of food; and the acquired technicals to improve the quality of the soil.


Now, Maria´s family as well as many other beneficiaries on this project, have a more nutritional diet, and also develop their strengthening of production capacities, and a sense of community organization.

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