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Sentado ao lado da mulher e dos filhos ainda menores, Armando Ruiz Neyra, um pequeno produtor de banana orgânica do distrito de Salitral, conta-nos que há oito anos vivia na região de Loreto, onde trabalhava humildemente como moto-taxista. Hoje, abre os olhos, e junto da família rega três hectares e meio de plantações de bananas orgânicas, o que vai permitir que daqui a alguns anos, os seus “filhotes” - como lhes chama - possam cumprir o sonho de um dia serem médicos.

São aproximadamente oito da manhã e a Dona Justa More Yovera recebe-nos na sua parcela e diz-nos que há quatro horas que está a desfolhar todo o hectare e meio que tem de cultivo de bananas orgânicas.

Gumersindo Távara Rosales dedicou toda a sua vida ao cultivo de milho e com o pouco lucro que a colheita lhe dava, mal podia alimentar os cinco filhos. Após muito se questionar, optou pelo cultivo de bananas orgânicas e hoje é um dos 6.500 pequenos produtores que exportam bananas para mercados em todo o mundo. 

Fishing provided us with just enough to survive on but not enough for us to develop. This fishing terminal has been our salvation and a life-changing opportunity.
Among many other initiatives, the Municipal Environmental Unit (MEU) encourages the organised collection of rubbish in benefiting communities, providing all the  logistical support and free provision of hoes, wheelbarrows and drums for larger collections.
It’s a space for young people, run by young people. What it tries to do is see the young people as protagonists rather than beneficiaries.
What we try to do in the Rota Jovem centres is to give young people training that goes above and beyond the technical and professional skills demanded by the labour market in El Salvador.
It was extraordinary to see the order that came out chaos with the vastly improved living conditions of the people who had been affected, thanks to the help given by the international community, and the efforts of Oikos and the Portuguese people.
I belong to the University of Coimbra’s Mixed Choir. We went to perform in Alcáçovas and when we went into an exhibition pavilion I spotted an exhibition by your association showing lots of constructions with those youngsters from far-off lands, poor, but so sweet that just seeing what they do (so well and with so few resources) makes you want to gather them up and take them with you!
Before, people had no way of communicating. The radios installed in the communities and connected to the micro-regional centres are the only contact with the outside world.
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