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Networks and Platforms

To consolidate the work done with local partners and encourage the generation of shared knowledge, we belong to a number of domestic and international networks.

ANIMARAssociação Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimento Local (Portuguese Association for Local Development)


A network which had already been working towards development in rural areas and which began expanding its range of operations into urban milieu in March 1999, Animar is now nationwide in scope.


Children’s Rights Platform

The platform commemorating children’s rights was set up, in Portugal, as part of a double celebration - the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Children’s Rights and the 20th anniversary of the Convention of Children’s Rights. Oikos has been involved in the platform since its launch.


CIFCA – Copenhagen Initiative for Central America and Mexico

The role of this organisation is to monitor and influence EU policies for Central America.


Citizenship & territory forum

Civic space, plural, of reflection, debate, exchange of experiences, cooperative action and public intervention about the construction of the local communities' future from territorial development processes. Created at the beginning of 2013, brings together a group of organizations of the civil society, including Oikos (which is the founder member), and individuals with converging interests in the territorial development, aiming to promote, with a collaborative approach, for the welfare end empowerment of specific territorial communities, both urban and rural and urban-rural. The document "The Territory in the centre of the Development and Cohesion Politics" (in portuguese) systematizes the contributions of the Forum for this process.

EC/DG-ECHO - European Comission/Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection


This is the European Union’s humanitarian aid department responsible for providing emergency aid to the victims of natural disasters or armed conflict outside the EU, and is the largest financial backer in this field. Every year, monies from its aid fund bring help to 18 million people in over 60 countries, via 200 partners including NGOs and UN Agencies.


EUROSTEP - European Solidarity Toward Equal Participation of People

A European network that strives for a society where there is greater solidarity and participation, directing its efforts towards debating cooperation policies with the European Union, the World Bank, the IMF, the WTO and other IGOs. One of Eurostep’s most significant projects is the annual publication of the Reality of Aid Report, one of the most highly-regarded documents internationally in respect of the analysis and assessment of Public Aid for Development.


GCAP - Global Call to Action against Poverty

An alliance of more than 900 organisations in 70 countries, responsible for the global campaign against poverty. Oikos launched the campaign in Portugal in June 2005 under the name of Pobreza Zero (Zero Poverty) and coordinated it ever since.


GPPAC - Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict

A network comprising 150 European NGOs involved in the prevention and/or resolution of violent conflicts at international level.


My Social Project

Social network dedicated to volunteering, which unites volunteers, causes and companies. The connection between these three areas aims to establish contact between the ones that can help and those who need assistance, therefore promoting the accomplishment of social projects.


The Portuguese NGOD Platform


Brings together 70 Portuguese Non-governmental Organisations working in cooperation for Development. Oikos is on the board of directors.


ReAlimentar - Portuguese Network for Sovereignty and Food Security


REALIMENTAR is a Civil Society Network founded in April 2012, integrated by Oikos, that is also a founding member. Its primary objective is to influence the processes of formulation and decision making on public policy, national and international, concerning the Sovereignty and Food Security.


RSOPT - Rede Nacional de Responsabilidade Social (National Network for Social Responsibility)

Oikos has been a member of this network since it was founded in 2008. The initiative of a number of portuguese partners, RSOPT is open in structure, public, multi-sectoral and multifunctional. It involves individuals and organisations from a variety of segments and sectors, all of whom are committed to social responsibility.


Social Watch


An international alliance that monitors the commitments and effective progress of poverty eradication and gender equity policies of governments and international bodies and which publishes an annual report, “Social Watch/Citizens’ Observatory”. Oikos is the only Portuguese institution to belong to the alliance.


UN ECOSOC - United Nations Economic and Social Council

This is the United Nations’ principle body for the coordination of economic and social activities of the 14 specialised UN agencies, 10 functional commissions and 5 regional commissions; it acts as a central forum for the discussion of international economic and social questions and the formulation of policy recommendations for UN member states.


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We work with communities in poorer countries and regions, promoting public health, food, water, sanitation and education.

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