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Education for Development Groups

We call them “Nedoikoses” and they’re groups of citizens from different areas whose awareness of the philosophy of Charity, Cooperation and Development has led them to implement a variety of educational activities focusing on Development in their geographical region, thereby complementing and multiplying Oikos’ work.

Consisting mainly of teachers from the different levels of education, they are true agents of change, undertaking concrete actions of charity and cooperation in Portuguese schools.


To alert people to the need to pinpoint existing problems in the relationship between peoples, which have led to situations of underdevelopment;

To motivate civilian society to be cooperative and charitable with a view to peoples’ development;

To implement concrete actions in Education for Development, aimed at schools, local groups, associations, the media, etc;

To establish and maintain a working network between the various “Nedoikoses”.


Concrete action undertaken by the “Nedoikoses”:

Production of pedagogical materials for Education for Development for their own use and to be passed on to Oikos and other groups.

Training and instruction that embraces the surrounding community.

Spreading the word about Oikos, its actions and the materials produced.

Encouraging contact with local bodies (local authorities, radios, newspapers, local groups, associations, etc.) with a view to the programming and implementation of joint actions.


More information:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - General Coordinator of Education for Global Citizenship


If you identify with Oikos’ values and share our concern about education for development, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Join this group.

Find out where the “Nedoikoses” are to be found in Portugal

Read the full “Nedoikos Principles Charter”


  • Núcleos de Educação para o Desenvolvimento da Oikos (Nedoikos) realizam formação em Braga
    27 November, 2010 >>
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