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Testimonial by Catarina Rolim, Oikos volunteerl

It was really great to be able to represent an organisation such as this one, so very much ours, and so... important doesn’t do it justice, they’re all important. But this one made us feel so proud, not just for being Portuguese...


...but for the very essence of our wanting to change the world and to make it a better place.

t’s the mission Okios evokes that appeals to me so... could anything be more important than stamping out poverty? Could there be any greater priority than guaranteeing people a life of dignity?

It was so good to be able to explain to people (some of them more interested than others) the essence of this organisation and see their eyes sparkle (some more, some less), the smiles on their lips, the nod of their heads, in their shared understanding of the desire for a better world and their knowledge, profound or not, that we all can and should be doing something. To have awakened that knowledge in even one person during the many hours I spent doing volunteer work is something I sincerely hope I achieved and for which I will feel eternally grateful. Thank you for the opportunity!

Testimonial by Catarina Rolim, Oikos volunteer, Portugal


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We work with communities in poorer countries and regions, promoting public health, food, water, sanitation and education.

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